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Voices from Scandinavian team from U.C. SYD and Karlstad University

Together with the W.P.leaders from Poltekkes we have just ended another successful W.P. in Banda Aceh. And once again we are fulfilled with positive experiences from this capacity project.

The aim of W.P. 2.3.2 was developing a project plan for developmental work. The planning for W.P. 2.3. started in September with online meetings, creating schedules, content, lessons and workshops. A lot of teamworking between us W.P.-leaders has been crucial, both before and during the W.P.´s.

We all find it very educational to be a part of and to contribute to this project, it´s sometimes challenging and a bit tricky to know in forehand if the plan we have made will work out, and we have learned that flexibility is vital when it comes to reach the goal. It´s a straight to be a team with Scandinavian and Indonesian members where we all can contribute, share experiences and find solutions. In the end its very gratifying to see the planning and preparations turn out in educative days together with the participants of the project.

Besides all described above, we appreciate the soft skills we earn during this cooperation. As we get to know each other and each other’s countries, such as raising our cultural competencies. We learn a lot together!

/Desirée, Johanna, Anna, Lea & Birthe

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