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Voices from participants in the workshop "Learning, teaching and supervision in clinical nursing"

Voices from participants in the CABNEI workshop "Learning, teaching and supervision in clinical nursing" (WP2.2.6 October 17 - 21). Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Elverum, Norway.

Rayyan Syaharasyi, SKM., MKM (public health degree and Master of Public health) Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat Universitas Muhammadiyah Aceh

I've been with CABNEI for about 6 months. An international project on nursing in collaboration with many universities. I was invited to visit the campus and participate in the work package 2.2.6 Reflecting local practice workshops and Change agents meeting on the CABNEI funded Erasmus+ joint project for the period 17th to 21st October 2022 in Elverum, Norway. I enthusiastically participate in every activity that has been scheduled for 5 days at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences campus. I learned many things here, not only as a translator, but I was also involved in group work, making problem scenarios, presentations, and discussions, to making abstracts and papers on clinical teaching methods. We exchanged ideas, and shared knowledge with professors/assistant professors who took part in this project, it added to my knowledge and my colleagues' knowledge so that it could also be done in Indonesia. After 5 days in Elverum, I learned many things, and I also visited social places and saw the management and facilities provided, it was really interesting for me to see many new things. Elverum is a small town with beautiful scenery and not too noisy, very interesting and valuable fundraising, I hope there are other opportunities I can visit again with different useful projects.

Rayyan Syaharasyi, SKM., MKM

Ns. Dara Febrina, MSc., PhD (Nurse Educator Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Syiah Kuala)

I have the opportunity to visit Norway to attend CABNEI WP 2.2.6 International Workshop to improve the capacity of nurse educators in applying simulation method of teaching. I am very grateful and delightful to attend this workshop. This workshop started on 17 October 2022 and ended on 22 October 2022. This 5 days workshop was conducted as part of collaboration project with 4 Scandinavian universities, and 4 education institutions in Aceh, with Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Syiah Kuala as one of the institution. This activity funded by the Erasmus + Program of European Union. It took place in the campus of Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, in Elverum Campus.

This workshop was very valuable to me and it purposeful for my professional development as a nursing educator (NE). I know for a lot of us NE who attend this workshop was even have more positive experience because we are in the same building and could easily work and communicate with each other. We have done several offline workshop as well before in Aceh, but because we were at our workplace it was easy for us to be distracted by our routine work and schedule. On the other hand, by conducting the workshop in Norway we can focus more to our assignment from the workshop with minimal distraction, I found this to be very helpful to stay on track with our workshop objective.

I learned from the assignments such as creating a simulation scenario and demonstrating the simulation and also by receiving feedback from our Scandinavian and Indonesian colleagues I learnt more concretely through this activities, as well. I understand that these 5 days’ workshop may not be enough to prepare NE to perform perfect simulation, however, this workshop has generated many great discussions not only about simulation method but also discussion on how to develop a research paper based on our experience in conducting the workshop. Not to mention, that Elverum is such a beautiful city with lovely people. I went there during autumn season although it was cold but the scenery was so beautiful and I enjoyed strolling at night in the city. Moreover, the respect that the Norwegian show for other cultures and beliefs is remarkable. Everybody speaks English, so not speaking Norwegian is not a problem for foreigners to interact with Norwegians.

To sum up, I learned a lot about simulation method in nursing education and I have been thinking of ways to implemented this method effectively in my teaching, I also need to convey this method of teaching to my other NE who may not have the opportunity to attend this workshop. Again, thank you so much for the experience, I have really enjoyed the workshop. Hopefully this collaboration will continue in the future.

Ns. Dara Febrina, MSc., PhD

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