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News Brief: Academic Writing Workshop

In an effort to enhance academic writing skills and facilitate collaborative research efforts, the Academic Writing Workshops are in full swing, spearheaded by Professor Margret Lepp and Associate Professor Randi E. Martinsen from Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. 


The workshops are tailored for first authors and their co-authors engaged in producing manuscripts within the ongoing Capacity Building in Nursing Education (CABNEI) Project. The workshops were launched during the spring of 2023, and are set to continue its valuable sessions throughout the fall of 2023, and spring 2024 offering participants an extended period for academic writing skills development and knowledge exchange.


Professor Jan Nilsson, CABNEI project leader, states that this initiative is anticipated to bolster the quality of the project research publications and foster a more productive and collaborative academic community within CABNEI project. Further to contribute to future research collaboration within nursing education among the partners in Indonesia and Scandinavia. 

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