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The CABNEI project has started a new semester with many productive activities

Originally published 29/09-2021 at

The autumn semester started off with several planning and follow-up activities related to the ongoing CABNEI project.

In August the change agents in Indonesia planned and arranged reflective practice workshops for three days, August 24-26. The program included teaching activities which derived from the educational intervention held in June and reflections. The recipients of the teaching interventions were nursing students at the four partner institutions in Indonesia.

Administrative planning meeting for our Indonesian partners - August 2021.


Planning meeting to prepare workshops for local reflective practice


Suwarni Nais introducing the theme Reflective practice in local workshops.


Student’s involvement in the reflective practice workshops.


In mid-September a new five-day educational intervention was conducted with the theme Ethical knowledge in nursing education practice. Prior to the educational intervention several planning meetings were held with all partners in the CABNEI program to create an interesting program. Work package leader Associate Professor Randi Martinsen said “setting up this second educational intervention, we incorporated the feed-back we got from the participants in June, the evaluation of the week was positive. Still, we face a challenge in that we have a time difference between Indonesia and Scandinavia. Hopefully, the Covid-19 situation will look better next year so we can implement our training interventions on the ground in Indonesia”.

Work package leader Randi Martinsen introduces the new educational intervention focusing on ethical knowledge in nursing practice


Work package leader Associated professor Randi Martinsen holds several meetings with partners in Indonesia and Scandinavia to prepare for the up-coming educational intervention.


The change agents also had the opportunity to share their experiences from the local workshops on reflective practice which were conducted in August.

Dr. Asniar presents a report from a local workshop.


Participants experiences from working with students in new teaching areas.

Margret Lepp who is a registered nurse (RN), drama teacher (RAD), RNT, PhD and Professor at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden was invited as a guest lecturer. She presented: Drama in Nursing Education – a tool for managing ethical dilemmas and conflicts. She has used drama in education as a teacher, researcher and consultant involving students, academics, patients, nurses and other health care professionals in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Norway, Sweden, and the USA. Professor Lepp was impressed by the organization of the project stating:

“The content of this Erasmus+ project is very important, as it empowers the competence of nurse educators and their ability to facilitate learning in the area of health issues for the population.”

Role play was used as a pedagogical method in teaching about ethical dilemas in nursing practice.

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