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Participants' highlights from the conference so far

On day 2 of the International CABNEI Conference, we asked some of the participants about their highlights from the conference so far.

Risna Merysa, who works as a registered nurse at a hospital, highlighted the many domains that the researchers convey updated knowledge from as a good way to improve competence among the participants. "As nurses we can apply the results in the clinical field", she continued.

Risna Merysa, RN

A group of nursing students from Poltekkes said the keynote speakers and their message of the current state of nursing was their highlight from the conference so far. The students also found the parallel sessions interesting, and enjoyed hearing about nursing students at other universities. They all agreed that the conference is very inspiring.

Names in random order*: Rifai, Damei, Dina, Ichwani, Siti, Nadhipa, Lisa, Zayyan, Afta and Cuf

Nurse educators Ns. Isneini and Ns. Erlangsa found the presentations regarding nursing education interesting. They highlighted that they enjoyed the presentations and the opportunities for the audience to ask questions, as well as the poster presentations. Another highlight of the conference so far was to share experiences and information from different countries.

Ns. Isneini, M. Kep. and Ns. Erlangsa, M. Kep.

Rikke from Denmark said she had expected there to be a lot of similarities among the Scandinavian countries, but that she was surprised at how recognizable a lot of the experiences from the nursing education in Indonesia was compared to Denmark. "We face a lot of the same challenges across different countries and cultures."

Rikke Steffensen, RN, Senior Lecturer, Head of Nursing UC Syd

Ervina and Zikri, both clinical instructors, said Agus Setiawan's keynote speech resonated deeply and made a big impression. They also highlighted Rosa Galica Gita Gressia's presentation at parallel session 3 yesterday as a memorable presentation, as it touched on the important topic of workplace violence against nurses.

Clinical instructors Zikri and Ervina

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