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Consortium meeting in Elverum, Norway

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

A three-day consortium meeting was held November 9-11 which focused on activities to be conducted during 2022 and 2023. The first day started off with a session on lessons learnt from the first year in the CABNEI project. Day one and two had a focus on teaching, learning and clinical supervision facilitated by partners from Norway (ÖU) and Indonesia (UNSYIAH and AKIS). Day three focused on nursing research and developmental work facilitated by partners in Denmark (UC SYD), Sweden (KAU) and Indonesia (Poltekkes).

Professor Jan Nilsson concluded the meeting by thanking all participants for their constructive work to build good educational interventions corresponding to the plan as well as respecting local needs.

International week

From October 23-29, Elverum municipality arranged an international week. University lecturer Sigrid Ahlin-Søvde from Inland University of Applied Sciences was invited to inform about the CABNEI project. "It was a great interest from the participants to gain knowledge about the project," says Sigrid.

Knowledge based nursing and patient safety

The last training intervention of the year was held digitally November 9 to 11th. Areas covered included evidence-based nursing, systematic database searches, and quality control of scientific articles. The training was carried out through both lectures and group work with subsequent presentations.

Here we see Wirda and Dara presenting from their groups’ work:

As an extra feature during the week, Associate Professor Randi Martinsen gave a lecture on Sustainable nursing in the future, which resulted in interesting discussions.

The week ended with an examination for the nurse educators which was built up with multiple choice questions covering learning goals from all educational interventions. Professor Vigdis Abrahamsen Gröndahl and Professor Anne Kari Helgesen had also the opportunity to introduce the next year's work package including educational philosophy and views on learning and teaching.

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