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Kick-off for the Erasmus+ Project Capacity Building in Nurse Education in Indonesia Project – CABNEI

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Originally published 05/05-2021 at

Indonesian nursing students performing a traditional dance at the opening ceremony.

A digital kick-off for the Erasmus+ project "Capacity Building in Nursing Education in Indonesia (CABNEI)" was held between 16-18 March 2021.

The project which will run over three years aims to increase the quality of nursing education in Indonesia and in Europe by raising the competence of nurse educators which in turn is expected to improve education of nurses and increase the quality of clinical nursing practice.

Professor Jan Nilsson is the project coordinator, and he states the importance of this international project, “working together in global nursing contributes to cultural bridging and capacity building of nurse educators who will become significant change agents in higher education and training. It is also evident that developing nurse’s professional competence will have positive impact patient outcomes. Not to forget, the project will also contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”.

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