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Reflective practice in local workshop 13.-15. of October 2021

The nurse educators held their local workshop for three days in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

Originally published 15/10-2021 at

Presentation of group 3 by Change Agent Nurleli on day one

The topic of the workshop was Ethical knowledge in nursing education and practice.

The workshop was very well arranged and had a high activity. The nurse educators worked in small groups with a particular ethical issue and wrote a short report on the work. The report from each group will be compiled in a compendium, which will function as a basic document for the nurse educators’ teaching in the future.

The groups were supervised by the change agents.

Project leader Jan Nilsson and the leader of WP 2.1. Randi Martinsen participated in the workshop the first two days and responded to the nurse educators’ work.

The moderator day 2 was Fithria


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